Where do I start... So I am an 19 year old travel and landscape photographer who grew up in a small town called Oak Flats which is located on the South Coast of Australia

It all started when...

I started my photography/Instagram journey roughly from June - July in 2014. At the start of 2014 I remembered very vividly how I began my Instagram journey. It was one of my school mates at the time and I, sitting side by side in English class and he said that I should start an Instagram account. Mind you basically everyone in the whole school had Instagram at the time besides myself. So I signed up and never knew where such a simple social platform could take me!

Since that I found a ton of photographers using Instagram as basically their online portfolio which was filled with sensational shots which inspired me to just keep on capturing images and moments that caught my eye.

So a couple years down the track of just taking photos of what catches my eyes and my visual/ perspective. I have gained an audience of almost 40,000 people from all over the globe which I try to connect and share with them my work on a daily basis.

My passion

My passion for photography and visual storytelling has driven me to want to travel all around the world to discover and capture iconic/unique locations and destinations for no other reason than just pure curiosity. Travelling to different destinations where it is out of my comfort zone and knowing that their are locations out there that still have to be discovered and having that mindset is definitely without a doubt why I still carry on this huge passion for photography.